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Le portail E-sidoc permet une consultation en ligne de la base documentaire du C.D.I.


Portail E-sidoc

Espace numérique de travail

Espace numérique de travail du lycée André Malraux de Biarritz.



Lettres et sciences


Des lettres et des sciences.

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Welcome to all! If you are attending André Malraux high school in Biarritz, this is your blog. Feel free to express yourself in English (or in any other language except French) in this blog. Just send your article to one of your teachers via Educ’horus so as to be able to contribute to this blog. Everyone is welcome to do so.

The language teachers.

Le blog des langues

Meet us at the lab


Science is fun, interesting and easy, particularly when it is done in English. So why not pay a visit to the blog created by the STL students of Malraux high-school ? They are learning science in English and they believe we can have fun learning science in English.

Le blog des S.T.L.